About us

Introduction on who we are, what we do and why this site.



My name is Edwin Dekker and I am 40 years young. I am married to Diane and have 2 children Marc and Anne. In my daily life I am IT Architect at the IBM Corporation. I earn my living designing IT infrastructures. I have several hobbies including my reef aquarium and photography. We live in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Kerk and Zanen area where we moved to in the summer of 2006.

Diane is in addition to her role as mother and housewife, also working as a receptionist at the GGZ in Alphen. Diane is letís say quite clever on the Internet. Blogs, online auctions, twitter and chat, bargain hunting, letís say an all-rounder on the Internet. Together we have the common hobby Geocaching.

Marc is now 13 years and is in second grade of the secondary school. Besides his busy job as a student, he really likes playing games on 1 of the many game consoles we own. Marc is also in athletics and has a dream to participate in the Olympic Games.

Anne is 9 years of age and is in group 7 of the elementary school. Anne is a real girl who knows very well what she wants and not wants. Besides school she likes to play outdoors. Anne is into rhythmic gymnastics, where she belongs to the selection. She trains over 8 hours a week. She participates in regional and the national competition.